Low Cut Connie album available NOW !!
My new band Low Cut Connie's new album "Get Out the Lotion" is available now at LOWCUTCONNIE.COM

Go get it and dance your asses off!!
Updated:01:37:10 PM 01/26/11

Hello LF fans and friends....I've teamed up with my good buddy Swampmeat (from Birmingham, UK), and a coupla rock n rollers from Gainesville, Florida to form a new killer band called LOW CUT CONNIE. We've made a record called "Get Out the Lotion" which is pure rock n roll. We're releasing it on New Years Eve with a big party in Philly. You'll be able to buy this stellar piece very soon so check back!
Here's our Low Cut Connie Facebook page
Updated:11:41:14 PM 12/27/10

Europe Tour and New EP ....
OK, so the Ladyfingers movie is taking a little longer than expected, BUT there's lots of new Ladyfingers to get you all aroused. Firstly, EUROPE HERE I COME!! ...London, Birmingham, Porto, Lisbon, Paris....YES!

And I have just completed work on a stellar new EP called WET T-SHIRT CONTEST. I will be posting on here soon, but you can here a sample at the Myspace page. It was recorded at the magnificent studio in Philly called Larry Gold's the Studio...while Queen Latifah was in the next room...alright!

Keep checking the sites for updates. Thank you all for love and support. See you in Portugal!

Updated:12:04:22 PM 05/05/10

Ladyfingers MOVIE...coming soon!!
No it's not a joke. Over the past months, I and my very talented actor/filmmaker/comedian/dancer friend Adam Carpenter have been working hard on a collection of music videos, tour footage, depressing dives, comedy and parking lot choreography....and what will all of this add up to? I'm not sure...we're not sure...but it will be STELLAR.

Coming to a laptop near you in March/April/May-ish.
Updated:12:55:44 AM 01/20/10

Vinyl now available! Order it here and/or download the mp3's...
Hello cultural flame-keepers....
The vinyl of OPEN YOUR ROBE is now available...and it is gorgeous. Order it now from this site and get a free mp3 download of the entire album.
OR if you are vinyl-shy...you can download the album for ANY PRICE YOU WANT!!...right here.

Just go to the MEDIA page and click on "Vinyl Preorder" button for vinyl/download combo or the "Download" button for just the suggested-donation download.

Enjoy and please SPREAD THE WORD !!!!
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I'm also planning a big US tour for it in May/June, and hopefully UK/Europe for August. Stay tuned.
Updated:11:44:58 AM 02/19/09

In the studio...
cided this is how I always want to make albums. I'm VERY excited about it. Working title...PUPPY LOVE.
Check back here for updates on it over the coming months.
Updated:11:40:43 AM 01/13/09

Fall US Tour Announced!!!
After recording my new album in Gainesville, Florida...i will be driving to California and back on a killer 3 week tour....including a 7 night residency at the great Redwood Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. Check out the dates on the Myspace page. See you in your town, wherever the hell you are.
Updated:01:26:39 PM 10/16/08

New Album: "MY HANDBOOK" by Ladyfingers
3Cbr>"My Handbook" at CD Baby

By the by, you can also now get CD's and downloads of "My Prom" at CD Baby:
"My Prom" at CD Baby

Updated:12:34:02 PM 09/12/08

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